Peanut oil squeezed out of the amount of zinc

Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine study confirmed peanut peanut oil press are squeezed out of the amount of zinc is 37 times salad , corn 32.6 -fold, 16 -fold rapeseed oil , soybean oil seven times . Although zinc many ways , but the fat is necessary for people's daily supplement , so eating peanut particularly suitable for public zinc. Nutrition experts also found in peanut three kinds of beneficial health components cardiovascular : Resveratrol , rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and  potato peeler machine  . Experiments show that these types of substances are cancer chemopreventive agent class of diseases , but also reduce platelet aggregation, prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis and chemopreventive agent for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases , and is ideal for the elderly one of edible oils and fats . Peanut oil contains a variety of high-quality anti-aging ingredient , has the effect of delaying the aging brain function . Per 100 grams of peanut oil contains about 0.1 grams of water , energy ( energy supplement products,  donut maker machine  information ) is 3763.9 kJ, 99 g fat , 0.6 g carbohydrates , vitamins ( vitamins , vitamin info ) 7.64-58.7 mg, otherwise varying amounts of calcium ( calcium products , calcium supplements information ) , phosphorus, iron ( iron products, iron information ) , zinc ( zinc products, zinc information ) and other substances. The fatty acid composition of peanut oil beneficial to humans , of which more than 80% unsaturated fatty acids, oleic acid content of 412% , accounting for 376% of linoleic acid .


Peanut oil press squeezed yellow transparent

Just two different oil extraction process , although the difference between the two processes , but they meet the quality standards of edible fats and health standards , Oil processing cooking oil, consumers can rest assured that food . Here are a few common market, vegetable oil press squeezing peanut transparent yellow , bright color , fragrant smell , is a more easily digestible edible oil. Peanut oil containing not more than 80% machine for pellet fatty acids ( oleic acid which contains 41.2% linoleic acid 37.6% ) . It also contains palmitic acid, stearic acid and arachidic acid and the like saturated fatty acids 19.9%
From the content point of view, peanut oil fatty acid composition is relatively good, easy to be digested .


automatic oil press machine by a grinding paste

Using the principles of multi-level progressive advance pressurized , so pressing chamber pressure increases rapidly, disposable fission fuel separation, once pressing to do , greatly improving the oil yield . Food dehydrator than the old equipment can be higher than 2-3 points ; 2 saving : saving 40% year on year ; 3 labor : labor savings equal to 60% yield , 1-2 people can organize production ; 4. wide use : a machine , the machine uses a forced feeding device , the average rate of feeding , crushing speed, can be widely crushing peanuts, soybeans , rapeseed, sesame , sunflower, linseed , mountain seed, cotton seed , pepper seed, . walnut, tung seed , castor, almond and other oil crops ; five seasons without limitation: machine for pellets without the constraints of climate , seasons north and south . Automatic oil Host power 2.2KW, top oil pressure 300T, fuel capacity 200Kg, price 19,900 yuan / sets. Oil extraction equipment, implementation of three bags free to send a technician to the user at the right press installation, teach technology , providing lifelong press parts, to ensure customer satisfaction assured !


When the material being squeezed

In pathology tea without adverse effects on human serum lipids , in addition to preventive medicine and the treatment of hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, efficacy , there are elimination heat and dampness , insecticide detoxification , etc. , called edible oils boutique . Village tea for its quality, reputation , into the majority of families and catering industry , oil machine increasingly advanced favorite cooking oil . Press : screw press is a small rural rapeseed oil refinery with a very wide range of a small press, it is a simple structure, high pressure , continuous processing of materials , low labor intensity , can crush a variety of fuel .
Press because of its circular cage bars jagged curves and taper , the volume of material being squeezed , briquette machine by the pressing screw and screw -pressed and squeezed to make juice cage changing the inner wall of the space , in pressing cage Since the arrangement of the rear of a round pressing , pressing the inner wall of the cage serrated where the preform by the squeezing and relaxing alternately , structural preform constantly being adjusted to obtain a uniform flip, so not squeeze or squeeze oil oil fewer blanks have more chance of being fully pressed . So it 's squeezing effect is better .


Peanut oil press is difficult to dissolve in ethanol

Energy efficient " ordinary press processing fifty kilograms of raw materials required to power 13 kilowatts motor one hour , the machining fifty kilograms of raw materials , with a 3 kW motor power consumption of just 5 minutes , several times more efficient , saving electricity 90% above. peanut was hailed as "meat plant" , oil content of up to 50 %, which is two times more than soybeans , more than 20% higher than rapeseed briquetting machine except soybean , none of the food is comparable to its content equivalent to 2 times more than 30% of wheat , corn 2.5 times , three times the peanut seeds of rice rich in oil, extracting oil from peanuts in pale yellow , transparent, pleasant aroma , is the quality of the cooking oil. press peanut oil is difficult to dissolve in ethanol , it can be achieved by injecting 70% ethanol solution peanut oil heated to 39-40.8 degrees, see its turbidity , to identify whether the peanut oil is pure peanut oil source of protein can easily be absorbed by the body , oilfield equipment rate in about 90% , so the peanut plant is known meat is well deserved.
Enrichment planting : roll -pressed ordinary press materials , by-products for animal feed only human , after the machining, such as 28-35 pounds per hundred pounds of peanuts to squeeze oil , peanuts can also restitution processed into high-protein, low- fat, green food, such as processing spicy peanuts, peanut skin , symbiotic tofu, artificial meat , peanuts pickles, peanut candy, peanut milk , peanut dew, peanuts and other peanut products . Higher value-added products .


hydraulic press during operation

Hydraulic press during operation should always check out the press cake cases and controls billet is neither too high nor too low moisture . The cake should be normal flaky , pressed by the screw shaft side smooth , the other side has a lot of hair pattern. If the cake loose weakness, or a shapeless cake , darker color , hand pinch Serve fragments , indicating that add little water blank ; such as the cake soft, flaky increase in National Cheng Kung University , or the oil bubble, Minga said that too much water . Under normal circumstances, no or very little residue circular row between the slag , vegetable oil plant  place of discharge , such as slag was fine flakes description more water, the powder residue then the less moisture. In addition, the position of the oil changes can be squeezed out of the water to see if appropriate , when pressed into the water is too high or too low , the oil locations are backward .
Before using a hydraulic press, first of all should be ready aids and containers , check and adjust the belt tightness . Then start the motor , the machine empty running around 15min, check the speed of oil processing screw shaft. Average speed should be around 33dmin. Do you want to pay attention to when idling gear box gear meshing and sound normal, whether the bearings and motor parts properly. When press idling , the motor current should be about 3A. If the current is too high , you should immediately stop checks, adjustments and then boot.


Hydraulic press Steps

Hydraulic press Step one : First of all aids should be ready and containers , check and adjust the belt tightness . Then start the motor , the machine empty running around 15min, oil extraction  speed of the pressing screw shaft. Average speed should be around 33dmin. Do you want to pay attention to when idling gear box gear meshing and sound normal, whether the seed oil extraction and motor parts properly. When press idling , the motor current should be about 3A. If the current is too high , you should immediately stop checks, adjustments and then boot.


Screw and simplified using the building block principle

The machine screw and Simplified adopt modular design principle, the screw shape, simplified structure, aspect ratio, feeding and exhaust the number of locations, for network and pelletizing method, vegetable oil plant meter control mode Dengjun material system and process requirements optimize the allocation and adjustment, the implementation of seed oil extraction  multi-purpose and characteristics of the unity both dedicated, high productivity, low energy consumption characteristics than that.


Food machinery is recognized as the world's

The aircraft originating in South Korea, South Korean production of food grain and oil machinery is recognized as the world with high technological content, good quality advantages, since 1997,  oil processings  Enter the Chinese market, with its high rate of oil, greasy pure, strong flavor, the biggest advantage is the one-time squeeze clean, a large number of labor-saving, durable So Chinese traditional,  pellet machine  oil extraction workshop suddenly saw hope, but its high price makes some individual workshops prohibitive, usually small when
About 100 pounds of soybean processing machinery are more than 30,000 yuan, which is not popular in the market causes.


oil press row circle of standing to bring out the tank facing down

Article row assembly method: oil press row circle of standing to bring out the tank facing down,  Food dehydrator  piece of wood, the pieces are arranged in neat rows tune of row ring Wall, with deep sump end down. Two similar pieces in front row deep groove surface can not be put together, the last row of the oil press against the plug with a metal rod Protruding end of the closed beta, hand percussion hammer the other end of the strip row close to the wall, to touch the inner wall without protruding phenomenon so far.
 extra virgin oil press cage assembly methods: strip Pai circle with a donut tank side facing out, and then turn into Park Road Park,  oil processings , bring out the tank side towards Connector end, and then use a few less compression nut buckle Kaozhu park row, and then loaded on virgin oil press cage. Tighten bolts alternately one by one.


crude oil processing qualification

Local refineries in Shandong largest refining capacity is higher, as in refining the strongest provinces. Although Shandong to refining qualified , but subject to import quotas simply could not get enough crude oil for processing, the high price of fuel oil purchases only alternative .  Oil machine  are currently more than 40 Shandong into the scale of local refineries , but the data show that in 2011 its first crude oil distillation capacity utilization average of only 35% , the reason is a serious lack of raw materials. The face of private enterprises to enter the oil market high threshold phenomenon , breaking the upstream crude oil is the primary bottleneck issue.
In recent years, a number of parts on the new line with national industrial policy to fine chemicals mainly petrochemical refinery processing enterprises. Through continuous development and growth of these enterprises in the enterprise scale, devices, and technology management , etc.,  oil processings  to the national level of the new era of advanced refining companies , have been with the fine chemical production and oil production capacity. However, crude oil processing qualifications, straighten the country no longer small oil refineries after approval, but some state-owned enterprises due to the petrochemical venture participation , but also enjoy the crude oil distribution plan . This has resulted in similar enterprises can not enjoy the same policy treatment , resulting in unfair competition , resulting in no oil distribution plan new enterprises in the " cracks " in the tough survive and costly operation .


whereabouts of imported crude oil

Adhere to quality audit and quota management on the grounds that an increase in the international oil market, China 's right to speak, does not cause the blind bidding competition among enterprises , avoiding crude oil into less demanding energy saving small refinery . But it also  pellet machine  phenomenon, namely crude oil imports through state trading and non- state trading of control , the three major oil firms firmly grasp the domestic oil market.
A private oil company sources said the relevant national policies on imported crude oil whereabouts are strictly limited, non-state trading of crude oil imports in principle, only in three refineries processing  oil processings  , which imported crude oil prices must first obtain three refinery row production orders. This series of provisions constituted blocking private capital into the oil field invisible threshold.
Zhuo record information on oil analyst Gao Jian , told reporters that local refineries have been through various channels to require the State to release crude oil imports qualification management , increase oil import quotas .


from the refining of oil supply

Qingdao relevant person in charge told reporters that want to upgrade from country to country, four three oil oil refining enterprises need to increase the hydrogen plant and a hydrocracking unit . These companies need to increase
investment . "Light desulfurization a ton of gasoline  oil processing  the overall cost of about $ 300 , which will further increase the cost of refining companies ." Qingdao Petrochemical relevant responsible person said earlier .
Sinopec Qingdao Refining , said that the oil companies for the construction of two sets of desulfurization equipment to upgrade the construction cost , it is up to more than 20 billion .  Food dehydrator  and the State in accordance with the price of oil required to upgrade the country four standard gasoline per ton than the country, three standards a lot more expensive gasoline . Located in Heilongjiang Road, near the gas station , the staff said that the gas station a total of seven tankers , oil supply from the refinery . "From the country, three to four countries to upgrade to our gas station is no technical problem ." Staff said .


customers profit margins are squeezed

Currently ground  oil refinery  produced oil quality though badly, but the price is relatively cheap , but also has its own market , and its downstream customers for private stations , traders and blending customers. Zhuo record information through refineries and some land exchanges , oil prices rose after the upgrade brings , but high demand will be significantly suppressed the role of end-customer profit margins have been squeezed ,  machine for pellets  longer purchase refining plant oil. Then, out of the market, which in turn was empty " two barrels of oil " instead . "I make a bold prediction , there may be a general manner refinery will disappear ." Above ground refinery official told reporters , for some refining capacity of small enterprises by financial constraints to complete upgrading almost unrealistic . In front of them , either Forced , or be big business combination.


especially authentic oil

With the sustained development, living standards continue to improve , especially for people on the edible vegetable oils authentic growing demand , particularly in the authentic oil increasingly welcomed by the people .  oil refinery  squeezed out, "squeeze " technology allows oil safety, health, pollution, no solvent residues , but the good oils also have good oil extraction equipment , what kind of equipment can squeeze a good oil ? How can squeeze a good oil , etc., this series of questions haunt enterprises. How to choose the oil press , oil press manufacturers to choose which became a concern for the oil extraction companies . Durable, high out of fuel ,  Oil press machine  universal good performance oil press oil extraction enterprises looking into the congregation of the " object ." You now Xiaobian recommended several high-quality oil press , allowing you to work efficiently , " efficiency" , " honor" double harvest.


biomass power plants

First, despite the relative wind power, photovoltaic power generation , the biomass stability of the Internet , but the use of straw scattered families, and seemingly endless supply , but the real biomass power plants until " until the rice pot ", also constraints often seem unbearable .  Food dehydrator  the "m" , it must hire a radius of tens to hundreds of miles of the farmers courtyard rigged . Some places rife straw burning power plant could not find money straw , straw supply shortage , instability is a major problem.
Second, although the plants pay someone to collect , but also with the help of the local government set up a collection point after another , but in the power plant from the collection point to the storage library , leaving rural dirt road , on the road , in addition to feeding person's labor costs , as well as tolls, bridge tolls , sanitation fee ...... numerous add up to the last to be considered the head of power plants , straw prices spiking upward , driving up the cost of power generation layers .
Third, find a collection point ,  Oil press machine  and other costs also have financial incurred, but how to ensure the quality of straw is a major problem. Such as encountered rain and snow falls, quality natural straw burning greatly reduced, if not a good conscience collection points across the initiative to branch over the water , mixed with water mixed with sand, plants and more miserable.


Fly in municipal building

Enhance energy saving. Adjust and optimize the power structure, eliminate backward small thermal power , thermal power technology to improve the level of equipment . Increase the boiler , fans, pumps and  oil expeller  energy saving, oil-free ignition of plasma to promote other energy-saving technology to reduce power consumption rate . Encourage the development of CHP and CCHP supply, strict implementation of the "hot Constant ." Accelerate the construction of smart grid and grid energy-saving technological transformation, improve grid transmission efficiency , reduce line losses . In places where the conditions to encourage the incorporation of water, seawater and other unconventional sources as cooling water .
Promote fly ash, gypsum utilization . Encourage the use of fly ash production of building materials , marketing of  oil refinery  in the municipal building , road construction and other engineering applications, orderly way to extract alumina in fly ash , fly ash by ultrafine processing support as paper , a filler material such as rubber . Encourage the use of gypsum plaster board production , high-grade decorative building materials and improvement of saline-alkali soil .


Data provided by low-voltage electrical branch

According to China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association universal low-voltage electrical branch of the data provided in 2012 low-voltage electrical industry sales revenue 61 billion yuan , total profit of 4.4 billion yuan . Among them, the circuit breaker sales of 900,000 units ; molded case circuit breakers ( including leakage ) sales of 46.3 million units ; miniature circuit breakers ( including leakage ) sales of 880 million pole ; AC contactor 105 million units ; knife switch sales of 13.5 million units.
Statistics also show that domestic enterprises generally small-scale production , the majority of repeat production,  oil equipment . Value calculated in accordance with the first generation product market share of 15% , the second generation product market share of 45% , the third -generation market share of 40%.
Simply put, the first generation and second-generation products bulky, supplies and more energy-saving targets low ,  oil expeller , while the third -generation products can not meet the demand on numerous occasions , there is also a short delay overcurrent protection is not complete and other issues .


suitable for oil pipeline

① Laser Night Vision monitoring range is a point-like area , only for well monitoring , the monitoring range thermal imaging camera is a face , which can monitor a relatively large range , for oil wells, pipelines , roads and other controls ;
② thermal imager because it is generated by the temperature difference between the images, no special operations personnel will be able to detect vehicles and other targets ,  oil equipment  vision operation is relatively complex ;
③ If there is oil pipelines , such as perforation occurs due to temperature differences , thermal imager can be found in a timely manner ;
④ Laser Night Vision is an active monitoring device , the target to be monitored at night with red storm generation, concealment is not strong ; while the thermal imager is a passive monitoring device itself does not emit light source to the target to be monitored , but acquisition targets to be  oil refinery  temperature imaging, so concealment is higher. Unlike other thermal imager night vision with unique advantages , such as in fog, rain, snow, weather, role distance, can identify camouflage and anti-jamming , etc. , has become the focus of development abroad, night vision equipment ; shortcomings is the core equipment imported vanadium oxide detectors, higher production costs, is not easy to promote a wide range of applications .


Expand the field of electrical equipment

These are appliances for domestic private enterprises competitive market disadvantage. Requires the application of low-voltage electrical intelligent intelligent manufacturing technology and  oil refinery  , the establishment of key components , including automatic production line , automatic detection of low-voltage electrical line, automatic low-voltage electrical equipment lines. Now, the price war and channel war intensified ,  oil expeller  environment has deteriorated . If private enterprises to increase R & D investment , do not increase based on common technology research to enhance capability of independent innovation , will lose competitiveness in the market , can not be based on the huge market space .


Pretreatment of raw material for the press to distinguish

Pretreatment of raw materials from the press to distinguish between cold pressing and hot pressing method, also called cooked pressing method. Cold-pressed is raw or roasted without steaming directly into the raw material oil press squeezed out of oil, this method is relatively shallow oil color, the color is more bright, but the oil is low, and the  oil equipment  not taste strong, mellow . The cooked virgin oil crops in the press should elapse before drying, the purpose is to reduce the moisture content of raw materials, increased fat molecule activity and mobility, thereby improving oil yield, oil quality assurance  oil refinery . But also undermines the oil chemical tissue components, resulting in oil darker, more black.


Widely used oil press oil press oil crops

Advanced technology developed from oil press, its advanced technology, leading quality. The oil press is widely used in
Sesame, rapeseed, peanut, cottonseed, soybean, seed, corn germ oil and other oilseeds crushing.
1, the oil is high: the use of directional pressure, multi-stage propulsion, a virgin net, oil yield is greatly improved.
2, production capacity: strengthening feed system, to increase forward speed, improve work efficiency.
3, automatic temperature control: This oil press electronic programmable scientific heating, automatic temperature  oil equipment .
4, automatic oil filter: the use of air suction principle, using vacuum streaming technology, built-in vacuum shunt, Oil, slag effective separation.
5, safe and convenient: compact structure, occupy less space; transmission is fully enclosed protective, operational Safe and convenient.
6, nice: oil press table using the latest materials by electrostatic spray, strong adhesion, resistant to greasy,  oil refinery . Not only beautiful, but also easy to clean, to ensure hygiene.
7, durable: high quality wear-resistant steel castings and fatigue science with stable performance, ensure Oil press can work continuously for a long and durable.


Normally the cake should be flaky

Normally the cake should be flaky, by pressing screw Axis side smooth, the other side has a lot of hair pattern. If the cake loose weakness, or the cake shapeless, darker color, hand pinch Serve fragments, indicating billet Add water too; such as the cake soft, National Cheng Kung University flake,  oil expeller  the oil bubble, then said Minga too much water. Under normal circumstances, no residue or between the rows round rarely Slag, slag in the row at the bar, such as the description of the slag was fine  oil refinery  water, the powder residue indicates less water. In addition, changes in position to see the oil squeezed out of water Is appropriate, when squeezed into the water is too high or too low, the oil positions are backward.


Expand the field of engineering and manufacturing

In order to defuse the risk of reliance on a single customer , Wison Engineering since 2012 began to expand the field of coal chemical engineering and manufacturing , the first half of the year , on the oil business amounted to only 120 million yuan , accounting for only 14% of the current total sales .
Contracting tricky , however, still  oil equipment  Huabang Song departments cooperate with the investigation , so " do not rule out is the majority shareholder with PetroChina Woan person concerned reached under the table deal, thus bypassing the  oil expeller  supervision of listed companies ," there petrochemical Insiders speculate .


oilfield equipment technology and management

" Oilfield Equipment Technology and Management" describes the oil and gas oil , gas , gathering and transportation , water use in the field of major equipment classification, structure , principles , maintenance , troubleshooting , selection , technical, operational , management, etc. , involving centrifugal pumps, reciprocating pumps,  oil expeller  , gear pumps , generators , compressors, furnaces , boilers , boiler accessories and instruments , burners, heat exchangers , oil and other specialty vehicles . "Oilfield Equipment Technical
and Management" brings together a large number of grassroots device management methods and experience , tightly bound to various types of equipment used in oil and gas fields and technical suitability , will combine theory and practice well , reflecting the on-site fitness management ;  oil refinery  , but also on more mature oil and gas field applications of new equipment, new technologies, new processes, new materials have been described .
" Oilfield Equipment Technology and Management" grassroots  major oil field equipment management personnel, technical personnel , trainers, as well as relevant professional colleges and students to read reference.


High-power fiber laser technology

In fact, the profits of imported cars is indeed high, but not the profits of domestic cars Is particularly high. With technology development, production capacity, consumer psychology tends to be rational, plus On the purchase of certain areas, measures to limit the promulgation of domestic car market caused a lot of pressure.
Stand at this point, the state suppressed  oil equipment , but also to establish the domestic car market. Originated in
The early 1960s, laser technology, is the 20th century to work with atomic energy, semiconductors and computers Par four major inventions, laser technology have gone through 50 years of rapid development  oil expeller , its people The development of human society has had a profound impact. In 2012 the State Council officially issued "" Twelve Five "countries Home strategic emerging industry development plan "also involves laser industry.


oil clean fuel processing technology

From the chemical , technological and engineering aspects of in-depth analysis of the key points of processing technologies , the related technology research, development, production of clean gasoline and diesel fuel deep desulfurization technology , high-octane gasoline  oil equipment  technology and the development of new catalysts to reduce FCC gasoline olefin content in the optimization of operating conditions , oil refining desulphurization process research and development of new technologies .
Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering
For oil and gas in storage, transportation and related products and processing of new technology, new technology development and research.
Kinetic Model of oil processing
Through the raw material composition,  oil refinery  , properties and reaction mechanism of in-depth research, conducted during oil processing complex reaction system lumped kinetic model and the kinetic model of molecular -scale research, development model corresponding application software for process parameters optimized.


Alcohol industry overcapacity

Ether and gas physical properties approaching, and the production cost, some unscrupulous traders will be inexpensive dimethyl Ether filling LPG bottles in the mix of sales resulting safety hazards of news and reports has been uncommon. As a new alternative energy, internationally recognized as the ultra-clean fuels, dimethyl ether and more used in China
Fuel, vehicle fuel and industrial fuel, etc., but the related lack of industry standards, and chronic overcapacity Route through the crisis to reproduce, causing new concerns.
With domestic demand for machine for pellets in emerging great esteem, domestic alcohol industry overcapacity phenomenon has become even more serious A direct result of continued rapid growth of investment in previous years, the state for the lack of pre-alcohol plant construction Visibility. Most manufacturers have a good estimate investment prospects, oil expeller  for some companies while building approvals The phenomenon is widespread. Since April 14, 2011, the National Development and Reform Commission issued "on regulating coal chemical Orderly development of industries, "which explicitly approved in the new directory before the introduction of an annual output of prohibited 1,000,000 tons and below coal DME large coal processing and conversion projects.


Under high temperature characteristics of thermoplastics

Is ThermoplasticVulcanizate short, the Chinese name for the dynamically vulcanized thermoplastic elastomer EPDM EPDM dynamically vulcanized or thermoplastic rubber, is highly vulcanized EPDM rubber EPDM particles dispersed in a machine for pellets consisting of polypropylene PP thermoplastic polymer elastomer material. TPV room temperature physical properties and functions similar to thermoset rubber , high temperature performance properties of thermoplastics , can be quickly and economically and easily shape . Dynamically vulcanized EPDM TPV thermoplastic elastomer / rubber vulcanized rubber material by dynamically vulcanized EPDM EPDM rubber in less than 2 oil equipment particles dispersed in the plastic matrix of polypropylene PP , the rubber and plastic characteristics of a good the combined together to obtain comprehensive high -performance elastomer material .


importance of laser technology

Regarding the recent situation, the automotive industry is being anti-monopoly investigation. Over at least a car dealer
Profits have attracted attention. In fact, the profits of imported cars is indeed high, but not the profits of domestic cars Is particularly high. With technology development, production capacity,  oil equipment  tends to be rational, plus On the purchase of certain areas, measures to limit the promulgation of domestic car market caused a lot of pressure.
Stand at this point, the state suppressed imported cars, but also to establish the domestic car market. Originated in
The early 1960s, laser technology, is the 20th century to work with atomic energy, semiconductors and computers Par four major inventions, laser technology have gone through 50 years of rapid development journey, its people The development of human society has had a  oil refinery . In 2012 the State Council officially issued "" Twelve Five "countries Home strategic emerging industry development plan "also involves laser industry. Meanwhile, the high-power fiber laser Control technology has been named to the 2014 National Science and Technology Support Program. Which shows the state of the heavy laser technology

important to ensure national energy security strategy

Solve the problem of oil and gas, is related to the most important development in Yunnan big problem, the oil refinery project Adhere to environmental green one-vote veto, in the implementation of environmental protection does not solve the case, determined not to vote Production.
The oil refinery project is to ensure national energy security an important strategic projects. Place in the  machine for pellets the refinery plus Workers from the gas pipeline into crude oil can change the situation of lack of oil and gas.
For EIA compliance with statutory procedures, China Petroleum 10,000,000 tons / year refinery project environmental Approval from the commission to review, and it took two years, seven months,  oil refinery  rigorous scientific proof, in line with national Home energy strategies and industrial policies to meet the Yunnan Province, Kunming, Anning relevant local development planning And industrial development planning, land use planning, environmental function zoning requirements.


Heat the oil can be

lubricating antifriction: between piston and cylinder, are present between the spindle and bearing a rapid relative sliding, to prevent excessive wear of parts, you need to build two  oil expeller  between the sliding surfaces. There is sufficient oil film thickness will be relatively spaced sliding surface of the part, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing wear.
 cooling down: Oil can be re-distributed heat back to the sump tank to the air to help cool the engine.
cleaning Clean: good oil to  oil equipment  carbides, sludge, wear metal particles circulating back through the sump, the oil flow through, wash the parts produced work surface dirt.
 leak-proof seal: Oil can be formed between the piston ring and the piston ring, to reduce gas leakage and to prevent outside contaminants to enter.


Different formulations of soy ink

Due to different printing methods and substrates require different formulations used in conjunction with soy ink, like gasoline can not be applied to diesel engine vehicles on the same reason. Therefore, the  machine for pellets  have developed a variety of formulations for different printing conditions choose to use. Currently, there are several: ① newspaper ink: the use of web printing newspaper printing, the Department is leaving the role of the ink absorption reaction of oil absorbed by the paper printed  oil refinery  to complete the printing surface of the paper. This newspaper ink oil (soybean parts) high, and are usually oil-black ink at least 40%, at least 30% of the color inks. ② sheetfed ink: the ink composition containing a resin more, but at least 20% vegetable oil. ③ heatset inks: oil-less, at least 7%. ④ coldset inks: oil copies of at least 30%. ⑤ business forms printing inks: oil copies of at least 20%. ⑥ letterpress printing ink: The water-based or solvent-based inks the matrix and contain vegetable oils of soybean oil, it contains vegetable proteins (such as soy protein), the pigment can adhere to the paper to complete the printing. Typically the protein content of I5% ~ 20%.


Plant ink application characteristics

Unlike petroleum-based ink is vegetable oil based inks for the non-renewable resources such as soy ink contained in the soybean oil is sustainable and biodegradable abundant renewable resource that can  oil equipment  provide raw materials for the production of printing ink, and has good environmental protection. Use vegetable oils (such as soybean oil) replace some petroleum-based mineral oil to manufacture  oil expeller  national industrial use of vegetable fats, vegetable oils expanding range of applications, while reduce the consumption of non-renewable petroleum imports, save foreign exchange, can be described as serve several programs.


Oil press press materials

Oil press can press including peanut, sesame, rapeseed, walnut, pumpkin seeds, including a variety of raw materials.  Briquette machine  need the raw material into enamel wok, fry the machine will automatically complete, pressure, exhaust and other processes, not more than 50 minutes total time, power consumption is less than half a degree, fresh, edible oil without any additives on can be produced. It is understood that domestic oil press of product innovation and research and development started in 2008, after three years of research and development, technology has matured, related products began in June 2012 on sale.
Contains Soymilk, blender, rice cooker, toaster, oven, toaster and dozens of product categories nearly a hundred debut in this exhibition. Among them, bread, soup device, frying machine, soybean milk and  oil refinery  popular with consumers. Reporters found that many exhibitors showcase kitchen electric company is not only products, but also on-site sales, a company staff told reporters: "do not worry about small appliances to sell, but we did not expect consumers buying enthusiasm will be so high, Soymilk In particular, to sell, which may be of consumers' eating habits. "the staff member said.

Squeeze the health and safety of edible oil

Oil press is the biggest dark horse on the market today.  Oil machine , there have been numerous enterprises to enter the blue ocean market. However, limited technical capacity constraints, oil press oil yield is not satisfactory. Developed "oil Toto" brand oil press, will break this spell. From 2011 began the development of press, which lasted two years, will be held in May 2013 to start a new product release. "Oil Toto" brand oil press oil yield, safety and environmental protection, easy to clean. He smiled and  oil equipment  "a lot of oil," the brand name though vulgar, but able to demonstrate product features. "Oil Toto" brand oil press oil extraction rate can reach 80%, peanut, soybean, sesame, walnut, sunflower, rapeseed, tea seed oil, etc. can be used as oil press. Simply consuming just 40 minutes, you can squeeze the health and safety of edible oil.

The future development of oil press

Some have said that the future development of oil press, there may be praised. This is the current price of oil press is not cheap. Production of "oil Toto" brand oil press price reached 1,999 yuan,  Oil processing  consumer price caps.
"The price is too high, at least down to thousand dollars or less will go any farther, but in order to become a big category, the price can not exceed $ 600 or the amount will not be great." Previously, an oil press industry personnel Zeng says, the future of the "oil Toto" brand oil press is the high-end market positioning market. This is the high-end consumer health and safety of edible oil demand is relatively higher. Moreover,  oil refinery  of high quality products, price and product quality must be proportional. Further pointed out how far the oil press just the product of the first step. The future, will be the main "Blue Ocean Strategy", the gradual development of the market most in need of a series of cost-effective small household electrical appliances. Extremely confident, electrical appliances will "perfect every day."


granulators may arise

① pellet mill bearings may be certain parts of the problem, so that the machine does not operate properly, the working current will fluctuate. Current high (down to check or replace the bearings).
② ring mold obstruction, or only a part of the die orifice discharge. Foreign objects into the ring mold,  machine for pellets , the pressure roller and the die gap is too tight, the pressure roller pressure roller bearing wear or damage can not turn will produce pellet mill vibration (check or replace the ring mold, adjust the nip).
③ coupling imbalance correction, down about biased, granulating opportunity vibration, and gear shaft seals are easily damaged (to the horizontal coupling must be school).
④ Spindle not tightened, especially D-or E-type machine, spindle loose will produce axial ran around,  oil processing , granulators much noise vibration, granulating difficulties (need to tighten the spindle tail butterfly springs and round nut). ⑤ size of gear wear, or replace a single gear, will produce noise (the need for run-time).


pulverized to a desired particle

With the development of the pharmaceutical industry, the pharmaceutical process requirements have become more sophisticated, so the wet granulation of this more efficient and  machine for pellets  safe method is widely used. As the wet granulation process in the pharmaceutical industry, the use of very broad, almost all of the solid pharmaceutical to be used in this technology. Therefore, the technology research and development has also been related equipment medicine machine industry attention.
It is understood, wet granulator can speak the desired development of the wet powder particles, but also the dry bulk material can be pulverized to a desired particle, mainly by the body, grain manufacturing apparatus, screen pinch deceleration boxes,  oil equipment , etc. constitute the majority sit with easy disassembly, easy to clean a bit. Further mechanical transmission totally enclosed in the body, to ensure the safety of the pelleting process.


Grain and oil machinery industry has made considerable progress

Of China's grain and oil machinery industry has made considerable progress. According to statistics, by 1985, the national independent accounting machinery factory up to 233 grain, grain and  oil refinery  industry output value of 3.8139 billion yuan; fixed assets worth 3.4323 billion yuan; grain and oil machinery production totaled 98,000 tons, hulling Cots 275,900. The rise of grain and oil machinery industry for construction, expansion and renovation of the oil industry enterprises to provide equipment, oil industry to meet the initial needs of the development; Meanwhile, soil grinding, virgin soil and the soil type grind grain and oil processing workshop was completely eliminated, but also over dependence on imports, grain and oil processing industry realized mechanization and continuous production process. Nationally, the  oil expeller  has undergone a fundamental change. Over the past several years to give people the impression that the food processing workers in so-called "tied strapped Bei" "Go eighteen, out of eighty" embarrassing situation, as well as the spread of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau "cold hanging wine, hot oil, daughter Mo into Dayou floor, "the proverb, have become historical joke. National grain and oil processing from quantity to quality are met at the time of market supply, ensure the military people eat, to support the development of the national economy. By 1985, the country finished grain output reached 50 million tons, of which rice more than 2265 tons of flour, more than 2,525 tons, more than 225 ten thousand tons cereals and vegetable oils more than 250 million tons. Oil industry output value reached more than 243 billion yuan in the Chinese food industry in the first place.


Plastic granules machine overview

Overview: white pollution is worsening, waste plastics are everywhere, not only a waste of resources, but also serious environmental pollution, waste plastics recycling provides us with a broad investment profits, the first step will bring us good returns,  Briquette machine  market, allowing you to maximize investment returns. Plastics recycling particles equipment by more and  oil equipment , the use of mechanical recycling granulation of waste plastics recycling is developing a new way.


FD-100 twin-screw extrusion granulation machine Features

Twin-screw plastic extrusion granulation machine - advanced large 160 pairs screw granulation of waste plastics aqueous base integration of production equipment. Using the German core technology, with low speed, high-volume, low energy consumption, no water pressure from the dry, drying, large diameter, feeding fast, long life and other significant advantages.
The machine screw and  Briquette machine  adopt modular design principle, the screw shape, simplified structure, aspect ratio, feeding and exhaust the number of locations, for network and pelletizing method, electric meter control mode Dengjun material system and process requirements optimize the allocation and adjustment, the implementation of  machine for pellets , multi-purpose and characteristics of the unity both dedicated, high productivity, low energy consumption characteristics than that.
Twin-screw extruder features: homogeneous, plastic coloring, filling modification, enhancement, recovery and granulation.


Smart plastic granulator

Therefore, plastic granulator machine technology in the exploration of new development path must for energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality into account,  Briquette machine  to achieve comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development. To implement efficient and green plastic granulator development strategy, resource-saving first to go the road of development, changing a single plastic granulator is extensive portfolio of intelligent plastic granulator. Not only from plastic granulator workmanship for fundamental reform, but also to conduct a comprehensive,  machine for pellets  energy-saving technological transformation, to develop applications for renewable energy and industrial waste heat plastic granulating machine technology. From the government level, to establish and perfect plastic granulator equipment evaluation criteria and industry standards, the establishment of macro-regulation and market regulation mechanism to speed up the upgrading of technical plastic granulator.

granulator areas

First, plastic granulator operation involves extremely broad field, and the energy consumption of China's plastics  Oil machine  proportion of the total industrial energy consumption is almost half than the UK high, reaching 12%.
Secondly, plastic granulator pollution of the environment is also very serious. The most widely used in various types of conventional plastic granulator equipment, there are more than three-quarters of hot plastic granulator, plastic granulator equipment such environmental pollution is very serious, plastic granulator systems for  oil expeller  Furnace transformation has become an important issue to be solved. Plastic granulator process to improve energy efficiency and combat pollution of the environment are mutually reinforcing. Reduce 100 million tons of standard coal in energy consumption can be reduced in China more than 64 million tons of CO2 and SO2 emissions, its environmental benefits are very significant.

granulator Development Status

Faced with the grim energy and environmental challenges, China in a comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable scientific development concept as the guiding ideology, formulated the 2020 Energy Technology Development and long-term strategy and development plan, the development of energy and environment strategy development, Food dehydrator  for China pointed out the direction the development of technology, exploring new plastic granulator technology development path is imperative. And industrial and agricultural production as compared to other operational aspects, plastic  oil equipment  energy-saving and pollution prevention task especially pressing.
Plastic granulating machine operations involving the broad areas of the national economy, it is not only a large number of industrial and agricultural products as essential production processes, plastic granulator is also China's energy-hungry, the use of energy accounts for 12% of total energy consumption economy around . In addition, the process of plastic granulator pollution and often is an important source of environmental pollution in China, plastic granulator technology with the development of the entire national economy has a very close relationship.

granulator market prospects

Petroleum and petrochemical industries become more and more plastic granulator large, and because of strong demand,  Oil processing , delivery prolong the situation more and more prominent.
Plastic granulator is defined according to different applications with different additives in the resin, after heating, mixing, extrusion molding, the resin raw material for secondary processing units granular products, plastic granulator widely used in petroleum petrochemical industry. The world's large-scale granulator production enterprises in Japan and Germany, a two, Japan's Kobe Steel products  machine for pellets  market share is very high.
Industry experts said that as the global petrochemical industry has been developing extremely rapidly, plastic granulator rapid increase in demand, plastic granulator become more and more large-scale, and the user of the unit's mechanical stability and energy saving requirements are also more higher and higher. Supply difficulties resulting granulating machine, the main reason is due to the extended delivery increased demand.

plastic granulator

Plastic granulator - Production principle:
High temperature melting,  Pellet mill , plastic extrusion process changes the physical properties, to plasticize and molding of plastics.
Plastic Recycling Machine - Uses:
Plastic granulating machine is mainly used for processing waste plastic film (industrial packaging film,  oil refinery , greenhouse film, beer bags, handbags, etc.), bags, agricultural convenient bags, pots, buckets, bottles, furniture, daily necessities, etc., suitable for most common waste plastic, waste plastic recycling industry is the most versatile and most widely used, most users welcomed the plastics recycling processing machinery.

plastic granulator - Function

plastic granulator - Function:
Using a special screw design and different configurations for the production of PP, PE, PS, ABS, PA, PVC, PC, POM, EVA, LCP, PET,  Oil machine  and other plastic recycling and mixing granulation. High-torque gear box design, implementation, no noise, smooth running performance. Screw and barrel with a special hardening process, with wear, mixing performance,  oil expeller  characteristics, vacuum exhaust or general exhaust port design, to the production process will be moisture, exhaust drain away, resorted more stable, more solid particles to ensure good quality products.

pellet mill system

Pelletizing system: strip after cooling systems for roll cut into the pelletizing granular, convenient packaging. Rolling in  Food dehydrator  is provided with a feed wheel, driven by the motor automatically send the material to the body, the body's internal rolling blade for cutting.
Drawing method: the traditional drawing method is to strip the strip tension through  oil equipment  section (the most commonly used water bath), sometimes resulting in drop or match the size of the strip. This is most common in poor melt-strength polymers, such as polypropylene, polyester and nylon. When the strip is dropped, the material that is discarded, so operators need to pay close attention. If the strip drawn inconsistent downstream aggregates need sifting.

granulator Technical Features

Screw: Change the screw design, increase the distance between the screw threads when heated to the plastic in the barrel full of plasticized melt; using adjustable type, screw technically increased the relative life; material on the use of high-strength  Briquette machine  the overall performance of the machine.
Barrel: barrel design with 45 # steel quenching finely processed with high hardness and wear certain corrosion resistance, and brought out in the feed slot is provided with a certain size, easy to feed.
Heating system: heating system formed by the heating coil, distributed separately in the barrel, the uniformity of the barrel heated plastics material, by electrical instrument control cabinet is formed automatically adjust the set temperature.
Cooling fan: In order to stabilize   machine for pellets  the barrel, the barrel at the bottom of the design of the cooling fan is increased by the temperature automatic control automatic cooling when the temperature is too high, increasing the cylinder temperature stability.
Head: to keep the extruded plastic does not occur due to the temperature decrease, the lack of liquidity, prevent extrusion. Specific increase in the head outside a certain power heating ring, ensuring the normal full discharge. And set in the machine head is parallel to the discharge hole 15 hole, increasing the quantity increases production speed. Structure parallel to the extrusion die head, threaded barrel is connected with, when replacing the stencil can save time and effort.

Aqueous slurry of pellets into the pellet slurry tank is further cooled and then sent to a centrifuge dryer water removal

Aqueous slurry of pellets into the pellet slurry tank is further cooled and then sent to a centrifuge dryer water removal. Strip granulator use history almost as old as the tablets granulator. Including die,  Oil machine  (bath or blower), drying section (if using water-cooled) and pelletizing knife. Extruder or gear pump with molten polymer is extruded through a die mounted horizontally to form a strip (modern precision machined die, uniformly heated to a stable quality of output strip). Strip after discharge from the mouth, which uses a blower or air / vacuum facilities for cooling,  oil expeller  with a water bath. If you use water-cooled, strip to go through a drying section, with the addition of water forced through the wind, and then the strip to the cutting chamber. A pair of fixed blade and the rotating blade shearing action, the strip cut to the desired length accurately.

Most of the polymer to form the final product, must match kneaded and pelletized into salable material

However, the disadvantage of making of the cooling section to be occupied space, the length according to the temperature of the polymer to determine the requirements. Most of the polymer to form  Food dehydrator , must match kneaded and pelletized into salable material. Granulator power required is proportional relationship with the extrusion, with the screen size exponentially. Granulator There are many different designs, but all can be divided into two categories granulator: Cold die face pelletizing systems and hot pelletizing system. The main difference lies in the arrangement of pelletizing process times. Cold pelletizing system, the end of the process from the cured polymer pelletizing; hot pelletizing die face in the system, when the molten polymer from the die occurs pelletizing is carried out,  oil equipment  the downstream cooling. Two kinds of pelletizing system has its own advantages and disadvantages. Cold pelletizing system: cold pelletizing system includes die, cooling zone (air-cooled or water-cooled), dry area (if using water-cooled) and pelletizing chamber. Cold pelletizing system has two major categories, namely sheet and strip material granulator granulator. Molten polymer from the heat of extrusion, the die face is to rotate rotary blade cut into pellets. This Gan grain system feature is the special design of the water pelletizing chamber. Spiral wound due to water flow until the outflow Gan grain room. After the cut pellets, he incurs thrown into the water, the initial quench.


Environmental health dehydrator

Environmental health, the application of a new generation of environmentally friendly design, double purifying function, application photocatalyst materials and activated carbon adsorption sealed inner loop filter to ensure that staff health. More perfect power protection designed to automatically switch to battery power after work, but also has a battery feed detection and protection capabilities.  Oil processing  and automatically find the bit function. Samples from each cylinder, purification system that is synchronized start,  machine for pellets . The whole system using linear bearings positioning stepper motor with high performance, synchronous belt drive, making the running balance quality and reliable.
The most advanced protection design samples, regardless of any scenario, ensures protection of the basket can enter the cylinder, causing the air to eliminate hanging basket specimens dried possible.

EOR polymer flooding efficiency

 Production Engineering's mission is to act on the reservoir through a series of engineering and technical measures to make oil and gas wells flows smoothly and efficiently be lifted to the ground for separation and measurement; their goal is to  Pellet mill  increase oil production and oil recovery.Polymer flooding is an enhanced oil recovery method in the macro, it is mainly by increasing displacement fluid viscosity,  oil refinery  the displacement fluid and the displacement fluid mobility ratio, thereby expanding the swept volume; at the micro, polymerization was due to their inherent viscoelasticity generated during the flow of the oil or oil droplets stretching effect, increasing the carrying ability, and improve the efficiency of the micro-wash oil.

Certain parts of oil equipment and containers electrostatic agglomeration

In the preferred heat treatment conditions can be improved low temperature flow properties of crude oil. 1995 annual output of 7.9 million tons of crude oil.
Oil machine treatment is heated to a certain temperature, then a certain way and speed cooled to a temperature of the process. After heat treatment, make crude paraffin, asphalt and glial changes in  oil expeller , so that the freezing point and viscosity of the oil change.

Oil and gas metering refers to the oil and gas flow measurement

Oil and gas metering refers to the oil and gas flow measurement. Mainly divided into external transmission oil production metering and flow measurement two kinds.  Food dehydrator  measurement refers to the production of single well production of oil and gas measurement, it is carried out well managed, master reservoir dynamic critical information and data. External transmission measurement for oil and natural gas flow measurement, which is the output of oil and gas side and the receiving side the fundamental basis for the transfer of management.Taken out of the  oil equipment  the well generally contain a certain amount of water, and oil storage water will result in more waste, increase equipment, multi-energy; crude oil containing salt water in the most accelerated equipment, containers and pipelines corrosion; in the petroleum refining process, the water and oil are heated together, the water will rapidly vaporize expansion, the pressure increased, affecting the normal refinery operations and product quality, or even explode. Accordingly, an external transmission oil required before dehydrated to a moisture content of not more than 0.5% requirement.

The advantage of gas lift

Enough energy to supply the local level from the bottom of crude oil lifted to the ground, well stop from the spray. In order to continue the oil wells need to artificially gas (natural gas) pressed into the bottom, so that oil spray ground, this oil is known as gas lift.  Briquette machine  oil exploration wells, inclined, sand, gas and corrosive ingredients which are more appropriate way of using other mechanical oil wells, gas lift can be used. The advantage of gas lift wells, downhole equipment is relatively simple, more convenient management regulation. Disadvantage is ground equipment system complexity, investment, energy and gas utilization is low.
Scattered wells produced oil and associated gas, and other products together, after the necessary processing,  machine for pellets , oil and gas, respectively, qualified external input to refineries and natural gas customers craft whole process is called gas gathering and transportation. Including oil and gas separation, oil and gas metering, crude oil dehydration, natural gas purification, stabilization of crude oil, light hydrocarbon recovery and other technology.

Production Engineering is a large oil extraction system at the center of an important subsystem

From the viewpoint of system engineering, production engineering is oil exploitation large systems at the center of an important subsystem, reservoir engineering and  Food dehydrator  gathering and transportation engineering are closely linked.
Production Engineering face is different geological conditions and the changing dynamics of various types of reservoirs, and only under the conditions and dynamics of reservoir geology,  oil equipment  to choose and implement technically feasible and economically reasonable engineering solution in order to obtain good economic results. To do this, they must master a variety of engineering and technical measures to the basic principles of computing and engineering design method, based on a comprehensive comparative analysis.

Drive in reverse when the relevant data

Drive in reverse when the relevant data (such as running time, current change values, etc.)  Oil processing  unused parameter entry to enter.

When the control system will send a stop command, C2000 drive first through the PLC function to invert the brake screw (torque sensing the approach of timed constant braking or braking)  machine for pellets  to prevent the stored elastic energy sucker and tubing inner space hydrostatic role reversal led to sucker speed and have serious consequences.
Delta C2000 inverter via a braking mode, screw torque reversal under controlled conditions to obtain a slow release.

Reasonable solution to the inverse problem of direct drive screw

Screw reversal may cause tripping poles, light pole bending rejection, ground drives damaged parts, Pellet mill  jeopardize the safety of the operator, so reasonable solution to the inverse problem of direct drive screw is particularly important.Screw driving force in the loss or downtime inversion problem exists, causing screw reversal generally two reasons: one is in the screw pump work, drive motor torque rod to pass through nearly 1000 meters to the pump , sucker inevitably produce elastic deformation and a twist angle, thus storing elastic energy when the drive motor is not  oil refinery , the rod will drive the opposite direction to reverse the mechanical system; another drive system is shut down, the oil casing level difference exists, nearly 1000 meters of oil by gravity from the tubing down, the pressure level generated by the rotor screw pump will reverse.

A new generation of wood pellet machine

A new generation of wood pellet machine can produce a variety of wood chips, straw, chaff and other raw materials-based biomass particles;
Second, the use of cold molding, extrusion molding and  Oil machine  techniques, grease polishing process so that biomass particles integer beautiful appearance, compact structure.
Third, a new generation of wood pellet machine high output, low energy consumption, low noise,  oil expeller , fatigue resistance machines, continuous production, economic and durable;
Fourth, the machine uses a special high-quality materials and advanced coupling gear, plus the key components of high quality alloy steel wear-resistant materials, the use of a vacuum furnace heat treatment in Germany, 5-7 times longer life.

High-precision involute helical gear direct drive

High-precision involute helical gear direct drive transmission efficiency up to 98% or more.
Transmission gear blanks water normalizing heat treatment after forging to improve the tooth surface hardness; tooth surface using carburizing, carburizing layer depth of 2.4mm enhanced wear resistance and prolong component life; hardened by silent repair edge grinding process, quieter operation, more stable.
Siamese hollow shaft spindle and alloy steel imported from Germany by the water forging, roughing, heat treatment,  Food dehydrator  and fine grinding processing, reasonable structure, uniform hardness improves fatigue resistance and wear parts for safe operation more reliable protection.
Host Cast from high-quality steel cabinet with uniform thickness, compact structure; imported from Switzerland and then carefully processed CNC machining centers, precision zero error. For normal operation to provide more effective support. transmission parts used in bearings and oil seals are imported from Japan and the United States imported high-precision bearing temperature resistant  oil equipment , and especially the addition of lubricating oil return system, oil cooling, automatic timing to the oil lubrication. Make sure bearings are adequately lubricated, run more safe and reliable.

A new generation of biomass wood pellet mill Sparkle

 Host box is made using high-quality steel casting, uniform thickness, compact structure; imported from Switzerland and then carefully processed CNC machining centers, precision zero error.  Briquette machine  operation to provide more effective support.Transmission parts used in bearings and oil seals are imported from Japan and the United States imported high-precision bearing temperature resistant oil processing , and especially the addition of lubricating oil return system, oil cooling, automatic timing to the oil lubrication. Make sure bearings are adequately lubricated, run more safe and reliable.
 Particles forming bearings are used in the system with a high-quality silent bearings, and increase lean oil circulation cooling and lubrication systems, bearings last longer, run more safely.
 Ring mold using high nickel grade stainless steel precision manufacturing, unique design and reasonable compression ratio, so that product quality better, longer life ring mold, to minimize production costs.
A new generation of biomass wood pellet mill is renowned by the famous American designer, senior research and design, specifically for wood pellet. Company has its own production base, the ring die pellet mill 450 # biomass plant experienced a hundred times in the test demonstration, and ultimately determine the most stable, most reliable, most efficient, safest and most economical models, devices can be realized 24 hours continuous operation.

Wood pellet machine hosts using high-precision gear drive

 A new generation of wood pellet machine effectively solve difficult biological crude fiber granulation, the shortcomings of poor results, the host drive with efficient belt drive, the ring mold with quick detachable hoop type, feeding frequency  Oil processing , make sure to feed uniform material, door with forced feeder, using international advanced manufacturing technology manufacturing processes can provide you with a variety of particle machine tailored to a variety of materials with high-quality molds, so extend the life of your equipment, product quality improvement, t consumption costs down. Wood pellet machine host drive adopts  machine for pellets  gear drive, the ring mold with quick detachable hoop type, machine transmission parts with Swiss, Japanese high quality bearings ensure transmission efficiency, stability, low noise, ring mold with quick detachable hoop type, feeding frequency control feed, to ensure uniform feeding, feeder door with a strong international advanced level of compensation based serpent serpentine spring coupling, has a novel structure, compact, safe, low noise, low trouble-free performance.


Charcoal machine features

The product design is reasonable, manufacturing quality, reliable, has a simple structure, convenient operation, Food dehydrator, labor, energy saving features. the design of automatic control of electric heating devices, randomly adjust the humidity of materials, to ensure that the material forming stability, improve the work efficiency. the main part of the product with a oil equipment material with a special treatment, it is possible to suppress the production of continuous, durable. applicable to all kinds of biomass raw materials, pressing, and less energy consumption, high production efficiency.

Oil extraction process

First, stir dry. Will receive afterlife wet rapeseed stem speculation among the cauldron into the stove, fried dried standards are fragrant and can not focus, pay attention to control the size of the furnace hearth, which relates to the ability to squeeze the fragrant and pure oil, consists of a master control. Second, grain mill. Oil processing  milled slot crushed rapeseed invested. Nianpan is powered by waterwheel driven waterwheel and Nianpan diameter generally in the 4 m or more, there are three Nianpan grinding wheel, all components are made by wood. Powered by a waterwheel as rapeseed crushed once it takes about 30 minutes. Consists of a master control. Third, rice flour. After rapeseed crushed into powder into the pot with a wooden steamer steamed, usually once a steamed cake, about 2 minutes, the standard is to see the steam steamed but not cooked by a master of manipulation. Fourth, to make cakes. The steamed powder filled with straw bottom circular hoop among machine for pellets, a virgin 50 cakes, steamed flour from start to finish 50 spent about two hours cake. Consists of a master control. Fifth, into juice. The embryo cake into a whole by the virgin wood hewn trough, tank mounted on the right side of the wedge can be pressed to open it. Handmade oil extraction Square "host" is a stout and the "tank timber", length must be 5 m or more, no less than one meter in diameter section, carved into a tree center length 2 m, width 40 cm, "tank", oil embryo cake filling in the "tank", the open press, the palm hammer master, persistent suspended in the air for about 30 pounds heavier oil hammer, lay it hit the sump "into piles" on, then, snatched germ oil cake will outflow a Lou Lou golden edible vegetable oil, oil from the tank in the middle of a small mouth outflow. Consists of a master control. Sixth, a virgin. After two hours, the oil is almost virgin to do, you can squeeze out, and squeezed out of order, the first withdrawal "wood into" and then withdraw the stakes, the final withdrawal of cake. Seventh, into the cylinder. Pour vegetable oil will be squeezed into vats and sealed. These seven steps is a full traditional oil extraction process, with this wooden presses squeeze the sesame oil in sesame oil with mechanical compression are very different, it is golden color and Wei Xiang, low heat, low barrel without rapeseed precipitation matter, and set aside time than machine pressed vegetable oil to be long.

Pressure oil press routine maintenance and repair

Every 50 hours should be checked after lubrication, gear box oil cup above shall not be short of oil, Pellet mill through the pressing screw shaft adjusting screw to adjust the inner bearing should be drawn butter filling screw holes once dry grinding is strictly prohibited. The lubrication should prevent intrusion of dust and other impurities, the annual need to check the gearbox oil quality time, if found bad, should replace oil refinery. When the press was reduced, the cake or the oil is not normal, should be squeezed out of screw shaft, check the pressing screw, cage bars, head of the cake, the cake mouth wear, worn parts should be replaced. class after work, the machine should be removed residual cake, wipe clean surface dirt machine grease. production season after long-term storage, it should be serviced once and pressing worms, cage bars, the cake head washable reload oiled, dry place.

Features new hydraulic oil press

① new hydraulic press features: the use of physical and modern technology combine successfully developed through years of testing, the new hydraulic press, compared with ordinary oil press with ring
Paul energy saving, high value-added products, Oil machine, physical squeeze, do not add any chemical raw materials, no pollution, no waste water, waste gas, waste generation is an alternative to the traditional oil press. Is a new type of environmentally friendly food processing equipment. ② source through hydraulic press technology innovations: the success of make up for the heat pressed peanut oil peanut meal can not be reused after the defects in the successful design of a squeeze when preparing peanut oil, peanut meal will not be pressed into , but was successful for the whole defatted peanut retained its technology; ③ in the extraction of both native peanut oil and peanut peanut red separation, does not destroy the peanut shape, oil expeller and natural nutrients, in line with a variety of foods deep processing. Peanuts can be sold directly; also restitution processed into high-protein, low-fat green food, such as spicy peanuts, spiced peanuts, peanut skin, Japanese beans, peanut butter and other peanut products.
When the fuel into the oil press virgin bore, with the pressing chamber rotates, the pressure increases. As the seed material extruded continuously squeezing oil, virgin material particles in direct contact with each other and cause a pressure deformation of seed material, particularly in the oil film rupture and the adhesive body. Food dehydrator bore after being squeezed, squeezed material is not a loose body to form a plastic body, called the cake. Squeeze due to the dual role of temperature and pressure, will continue to deteriorate protein, thereby affecting virgin plastic material, in short, in order to ensure an appropriate level of protein denaturation best squeeze out the oil effect.
Peanut oil is a high amount of crop, its internal fat in spherical or particulate present in the cell membrane by a layer of closed, surrounded by the outside world in the extrusion process, with this film and cell wall rupture, peanut oil cracks in the flow begins; in the extrusion process, the extrusion part peanut oil, peanut becomes brittle and hard, oil equipment elasticity; the peanut skin contain more fiber, the applied stress, and peanut. separated from the surface, so that the peanut skin off easily; in the extrusion process, peanuts and not by the shear stress, so no broken kernel phenomenon, it is easy to restore the status quo;
Fat content according to the requirements of different pressures are applied. Defatted peanuts obtained different results.

Compression method of the process

ompression method has a long history, its process is relatively simple: the oil steamed, fried after a mechanical way to get the oil from the oil squeezed out. Old press law requires the operator to pay heavy physical labor. Briquette machine off greaves (cake), the residual oil content is very high, thereby wasting a very valuable oil resources. Modern industrialized compression method is automated operation, but a high content of residual oil greaves problem still not resolved.
Pretreatment of raw materials from the press to distinguish between cold pressing and hot pressing method, also called cooked pressing method. Cold-pressed is raw or roasted without steaming directly into the raw material oil press squeezed out of oil, this method is relatively shallow oil processing, the color is more bright, but the oil is low, and the oil does not taste strong, mellow . The cooked virgin oil crops in the press should elapse before drying, the purpose is to reduce the moisture content of raw materials, increased fat molecule activity and mobility, thereby improving oil yield, oil quality assurance fragrant taste. But also undermines the oil chemical tissue components, resulting in oil darker, more black.

Developed pelletization process of law

Pellet method is the finely ground concentrate is made to meet the requirements of the smelting of a bulk material Oil processing. The process is as follows: the prepared materials (finely ground concentrates or other finely powdered materials, additives or binders, etc.), by a certain percentage after batching, mixing, pelletizing machine in roll made by certain sized green ball, and then drying and roasting or using other methods to bring about a series of physical and chemical changes and hardening of consolidation. This process is called pellet process, this machine for pellets  method. Its resulting product is called pellets.
???? Ie acidic oxide pellets pellets, metal pellets (self-fluxing pellets line) that is alkaline pellets, metal pellet is mainly generated in the oxidation process of pellets added magnesium oxide, calcium alkaline solvents.
???? Oxide pellets primary role is with sinter pH. Metallized pellets sintered ore and other more appropriate than the blast furnace needs, is a potential fine of blast furnace clinker.

Granulator start operation

1, Pellet mill, first warming of about forty to fifty minutes. The temperature rose to pull the motor by hand until the belt freely; continuous rotation at work pulling
Eight to ten times. Then continue to heat up about ten minutes, and then boot, but continue heating, because the normal production requires continuous supplement the heat;
Depending on the nature of the plastic regulate different temperatures.
2, granulating machine work, the machine temperature to maintain stability, not fluctuated. Bleed hole near the nose area oil refinery should be maintained until about 200 ℃
(Refers to the C material, material B).
3, the feed should be uniform, and add enough. Loom eat feed speed and feed rate to tie properly. Otherwise it will affect grain quality and yield.
4, shut down the host to completely cut off the power. Nose plugs (with wrench part) must come off. Subject to a separate warm-up before the next use.

Overview granulator

Overview granulating machine is a material can be manufactured into a specific shape molding machine. Widely used in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, building materials, Oil machine and metallurgy, environmental protection, printing, ceramics, rubber, plastics, and other fields. According to the structure and working principle and a divided CF rotary belt cooling granulating flat-shaped twin-screw extruder drum drying machine roll producer dry granulation machine (referred to on the roll granulator) for tooth granulator disc vacuum cooling granulating machine is a kind of material can be manufactured into a specific shape molding machinery. Widely used in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food, building materials, mining and metallurgy, environmental protection, printing, ceramics,oil expeller, plastics, and other fields. According to the structure and working principle and a divided CF rotary belt cooling granulating flat-shaped twin-screw extruder drum drying machine roll producer dry granulation machine (referred to on the roll granulator) for tooth granulator disc vacuum cooling granulating machine.

Classification models divided into vertical and horizontal models models in two forms

Vertical model is widely used today to promote models, design tonnage, yield, wide range of applications; horizontal models because the master cylinder Food dehydrator, seals due to gravity effects, the design pressure increases, the seal the uneven local wear is large, the use of metal scrap briquetting machine models [vertical]
Life is greatly weakened, unable to meet oil equipment continuous use of large production requirements, more use of small tonnage models (design pressure should not exceed 2000KN), a smaller range of applications. Equipment installation engineering acceptance and surrender to use.

Zinc alloy products shaping process relatively strong

Hardware in the early years when the market is not so concerned, because it is part of the entire home improvement among the less conspicuous, play a great role, but the status is not high.Pellet mill real estate boom now, we all have money, buy more and more people, the rich more and more, this time not just to housing, but also to live America, from simple to connect related links in unlocking has been expanded to such a field to the aesthetic, hardware actually naturally follow such a consumer level Times change, can be divided into three low high school grades. High-end piece from the style, material, price, there is a hierarchy, this part is made of mainly copper Lord, the material is more expensive, more focused in terms of style and decor aesthetic sense, in general, is in harmony. Mid-range piece of conventional building materials Based materials currently on the market in stainless steel, as well as made ?of zinc alloy material, a number of mid-range price, style stainless steel material itself determines the specific Relatively simple models, so the market is not wide, zinc alloy craft relatively strong shape, oil refinery, due to the material of a lower grade than copper More, in terms of technology is easier than a lot of copper, so the cost is lower. There are traditional iron material do ordinary people in this part of home improvement Is still accounted for a small a share.

How to use the feed mill

 1 grinder manufacturing unit shall be provided to properly guide the user to install, use, Oil machine and other content for use. Instructions should be clearly defined so crushed Machine uses, including to ensure safe and proper installation, use and maintenance of all instructions. Should require the user to explain their rational use shredders, while Those who fail to use the instructions required to use other oil expeller use of potentially dangerous grinder warned. 2 grinder manual should be wrapped Including: a) the mill's own information b) the use of information grinder c) Maintenance Information: handler fails, a simple square Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting France. d) manufacturing units full address, telephone, fax, etc.

Optional key straw briquetting machine

1 Compare brands and business intelligence, generally well-known brands of quality will be more reliable if it is to enter the national or local farm machinery purchase subsidy directory enterprises More reassuring. Food dehydrator entering the subsidies directory, companies need to go through a series of product quality certification and testing, with the authority of the Ministry of Agriculture Finds a result, it is optional to provide a screening straw briquetting machine manufacturers a good way. In addition, even if the instructions on the product name, product type, Ann All warnings, technical parameters, performance and maintenance and other content not complete it, or do not choose this product.
  (2) compare the appearance of molds and processes. Mainly to see whether the sturdy welded body, seal is tight, oil equipment, cracks, bump and other places. Mold Nothing less than the two kinds of casting and forging, the material is basically the same circumstances, the requirement for post-resistant material and process have a higher demand. Some plant Household shoddy, even the use of steel from scrap station bought scraps as the device material, consumers must keep their eyes open.
  3 Comparison of bearings. Straw briquetting machine work intensity is higher, sometimes even 24 hours of uninterrupted work, which the bearing to be made a high quality Requirements. In the purchase of straw briquetting machine, if possible vendors should understand its bearing situation. If you use three non-product or refurbished bearings, inevitably shadow Ring to the effect of the use of straw briquetting machine.
  4 Most areas are used as a straw briquetting machine motor drive device, so the motor will have a direct impact on the quality of the machine. Single motor or Dual motors are designed to better play equipment based performance, of course, some dual-motor products through Laye performance optimization configuration makes straw briquetting Machine more power, more balanced strength, higher yields, but these models are often the price is higher.
  5 average user visits to producers, they all want to be able to field test pressure producers, production companies are also very happy to take this marketing tool. This Customers should test when tracking the production process, to prevent substitution. Users can also go to other direct users directly to inquire about the news department.
6 Even the best equipment also requires excellent after-sales support, so buy straw briquetting machine manufacturer's service capability is also necessary to consider Factor.

The use of oil press

 Department of rows out of fuel oil accounts for about 60% of the total, the former Group round row at about 30%; while the end of the discharged oil is small, not a line into droplets, Briquette machine is very clear. Can be repeated two or three times virgin rapeseed or soy Youzha do,During this period more diesel oil can be uniformly doped materials embryo crushing, cutting to remain uniform, avoid erratic, otherwise it will affect the oil press Life and oil yield. Pretreatment process to meet the requirements of material embryo into juice, it must pass pretreatment process, pre-press machine will directly affect the quality of work And oil yield.
   If the cake loose weakness, or the cake shapeless, darker color, hand pinch Serve fragments, indicating little billet water; such as the cake soft, into a large Like, or an increase of the oil bubble, then said Minga too much water. Under normal circumstances, no residue or between the rows round little slag, the slag in the row at the bar, such as the form of fine slag Chip Description more water, the powder residue indicates less water. In addition, changes in position to see the oil squeezed out of water is appropriate, when squeezed into the water is too high or too Low, the machine for pellets are backward.During operation should always check the oil press cake out of the situation and control the moisture billet is neither too high nor too low. Normally the cake should be flaky, by pressing Screw shaft side smooth, the other side has a lot of hair pattern.Oil entering the processing plants contain some impurities (sand, gravel, iron, etc.), if not carefully cleaning, will accelerate the wear of internal parts oil press, descending Low oil yield, and even cause malfunctions and accidents. Its supporting equipment: cleaning sieve, stone machine, magnetic separator, etc. For shelled oil, should peel after Re-pressing, this can increase the production capacity and oil yield. Its supporting equipment: Sheller, separation sieve, separating machines.

Oil press Troubleshooting

 1. No oil pump overhaul, if they are dirt clogged oil filter, oil filter should be washable. The case of the oil used for too long, because the sediment adhering to the inlet valve on the The resulting valve does not close together, should be replaced with a new release of oil or old oil filter and clean the inlet valve. If an insufficient amount of Oil processing, add enough oil to the tank can be, If the vacuum pump in the minors, you can pull out the small piston, and then injected into the oil pressure. 2. Inadequate maintenance of pump pressure, if there is dirt or poor sealing valve, be washable after grinding, so close together. If an inlet valve plug and oil press Seat poor contact can also be washable after grinding, so close together. If an oil press oil out of the valve plug and seat causing poor contact or tighten oil spills, Progress can grind oil press oil valve plug and seat, so close together or tighten the plug. The case of the small piston and pump wear after the gap is too large, should be replaced with new pumps. 3. Cylinder and piston oil processing , if they are installed the wrong cup sized up due to the correct way should be re-installed cups. Cup cracked the case of damage, replaceNew cup.
4. Valve failure repair, if there is oil in the dirt so that the ball valve is not sealed, the safety valve should be cleaned to remove dirt, so that the ball valve is closed. If the Is a spring loses its elasticity can not withstand high pressure, should be replaced with new springs. If an adjustment screw loose, resulting in less than the predetermined pressure valve on the jump, should be re-adjusting screw So that when the pressure reaches a predetermined pressure jump valves. Overpressure in the case of regular jobs, resulting in ball valve bumps will be reground valves, replace the ball and Notes Intended to follow the rules and operation.

The use of hydraulic press

1. Pellet mill in the open before pressing and squeezing, you must pay attention to the clean surface of the piston, the piston surface adhesion of dirt and oil to be cleaned dry Net. Should always pay attention to the hydraulic oil in the tank is clean, subject to careful when filling the tank filter. Use for some time, if found dirty oil refinery Timely release of filtration, or replace with new oil.
2. Use reasonable care to keep the pressure in the pump pressurized, do not rush too fast, to prevent damage to hydraulic oil shock. Reduce stress, must first open the oil Valve, when the oil tank back into the tank, you should open the valve slowly to avoid pressure suddenly drop. When using do not adjust to the pressure of the safety valve Meter readings 40 MPa (400 kg force / sq cm) or more, in order to avoid burst pipes or tanks appear. Non-random lengthened swing pump handle to prevent the Parts overload operation, not often make the jump valve safety valve to prevent the valve sleeve wear, fatigue and loss of elasticity of the spring, which results due to valve malfunction.
3. Attention to the timely maintenance of hydraulic press used in the operation, you should always pay attention to the operational status of the machine, for wearing parts (such as cups, seals,Ball, pistons, etc.) should pay attention to regular inspection and timely repair and replacement of loose nuts should be tightened, the machine should be regularly inspected and cleaned. Liquid Pressure oil press to stop using, you should wipe clean the machine overall, the site is easy to rust grease and oil paper or kraft paper bag, to prevent students Rust.