especially authentic oil

With the sustained development, living standards continue to improve , especially for people on the edible vegetable oils authentic growing demand , particularly in the authentic oil increasingly welcomed by the people .  oil refinery  squeezed out, "squeeze " technology allows oil safety, health, pollution, no solvent residues , but the good oils also have good oil extraction equipment , what kind of equipment can squeeze a good oil ? How can squeeze a good oil , etc., this series of questions haunt enterprises. How to choose the oil press , oil press manufacturers to choose which became a concern for the oil extraction companies . Durable, high out of fuel ,  Oil press machine  universal good performance oil press oil extraction enterprises looking into the congregation of the " object ." You now Xiaobian recommended several high-quality oil press , allowing you to work efficiently , " efficiency" , " honor" double harvest.


biomass power plants

First, despite the relative wind power, photovoltaic power generation , the biomass stability of the Internet , but the use of straw scattered families, and seemingly endless supply , but the real biomass power plants until " until the rice pot ", also constraints often seem unbearable .  Food dehydrator  the "m" , it must hire a radius of tens to hundreds of miles of the farmers courtyard rigged . Some places rife straw burning power plant could not find money straw , straw supply shortage , instability is a major problem.
Second, although the plants pay someone to collect , but also with the help of the local government set up a collection point after another , but in the power plant from the collection point to the storage library , leaving rural dirt road , on the road , in addition to feeding person's labor costs , as well as tolls, bridge tolls , sanitation fee ...... numerous add up to the last to be considered the head of power plants , straw prices spiking upward , driving up the cost of power generation layers .
Third, find a collection point ,  Oil press machine  and other costs also have financial incurred, but how to ensure the quality of straw is a major problem. Such as encountered rain and snow falls, quality natural straw burning greatly reduced, if not a good conscience collection points across the initiative to branch over the water , mixed with water mixed with sand, plants and more miserable.


Fly in municipal building

Enhance energy saving. Adjust and optimize the power structure, eliminate backward small thermal power , thermal power technology to improve the level of equipment . Increase the boiler , fans, pumps and  oil expeller  energy saving, oil-free ignition of plasma to promote other energy-saving technology to reduce power consumption rate . Encourage the development of CHP and CCHP supply, strict implementation of the "hot Constant ." Accelerate the construction of smart grid and grid energy-saving technological transformation, improve grid transmission efficiency , reduce line losses . In places where the conditions to encourage the incorporation of water, seawater and other unconventional sources as cooling water .
Promote fly ash, gypsum utilization . Encourage the use of fly ash production of building materials , marketing of  oil refinery  in the municipal building , road construction and other engineering applications, orderly way to extract alumina in fly ash , fly ash by ultrafine processing support as paper , a filler material such as rubber . Encourage the use of gypsum plaster board production , high-grade decorative building materials and improvement of saline-alkali soil .


Data provided by low-voltage electrical branch

According to China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association universal low-voltage electrical branch of the data provided in 2012 low-voltage electrical industry sales revenue 61 billion yuan , total profit of 4.4 billion yuan . Among them, the circuit breaker sales of 900,000 units ; molded case circuit breakers ( including leakage ) sales of 46.3 million units ; miniature circuit breakers ( including leakage ) sales of 880 million pole ; AC contactor 105 million units ; knife switch sales of 13.5 million units.
Statistics also show that domestic enterprises generally small-scale production , the majority of repeat production,  oil equipment . Value calculated in accordance with the first generation product market share of 15% , the second generation product market share of 45% , the third -generation market share of 40%.
Simply put, the first generation and second-generation products bulky, supplies and more energy-saving targets low ,  oil expeller , while the third -generation products can not meet the demand on numerous occasions , there is also a short delay overcurrent protection is not complete and other issues .


suitable for oil pipeline

① Laser Night Vision monitoring range is a point-like area , only for well monitoring , the monitoring range thermal imaging camera is a face , which can monitor a relatively large range , for oil wells, pipelines , roads and other controls ;
② thermal imager because it is generated by the temperature difference between the images, no special operations personnel will be able to detect vehicles and other targets ,  oil equipment  vision operation is relatively complex ;
③ If there is oil pipelines , such as perforation occurs due to temperature differences , thermal imager can be found in a timely manner ;
④ Laser Night Vision is an active monitoring device , the target to be monitored at night with red storm generation, concealment is not strong ; while the thermal imager is a passive monitoring device itself does not emit light source to the target to be monitored , but acquisition targets to be  oil refinery  temperature imaging, so concealment is higher. Unlike other thermal imager night vision with unique advantages , such as in fog, rain, snow, weather, role distance, can identify camouflage and anti-jamming , etc. , has become the focus of development abroad, night vision equipment ; shortcomings is the core equipment imported vanadium oxide detectors, higher production costs, is not easy to promote a wide range of applications .


Expand the field of electrical equipment

These are appliances for domestic private enterprises competitive market disadvantage. Requires the application of low-voltage electrical intelligent intelligent manufacturing technology and  oil refinery  , the establishment of key components , including automatic production line , automatic detection of low-voltage electrical line, automatic low-voltage electrical equipment lines. Now, the price war and channel war intensified ,  oil expeller  environment has deteriorated . If private enterprises to increase R & D investment , do not increase based on common technology research to enhance capability of independent innovation , will lose competitiveness in the market , can not be based on the huge market space .


Pretreatment of raw material for the press to distinguish

Pretreatment of raw materials from the press to distinguish between cold pressing and hot pressing method, also called cooked pressing method. Cold-pressed is raw or roasted without steaming directly into the raw material oil press squeezed out of oil, this method is relatively shallow oil color, the color is more bright, but the oil is low, and the  oil equipment  not taste strong, mellow . The cooked virgin oil crops in the press should elapse before drying, the purpose is to reduce the moisture content of raw materials, increased fat molecule activity and mobility, thereby improving oil yield, oil quality assurance  oil refinery . But also undermines the oil chemical tissue components, resulting in oil darker, more black.


Widely used oil press oil press oil crops

Advanced technology developed from oil press, its advanced technology, leading quality. The oil press is widely used in
Sesame, rapeseed, peanut, cottonseed, soybean, seed, corn germ oil and other oilseeds crushing.
1, the oil is high: the use of directional pressure, multi-stage propulsion, a virgin net, oil yield is greatly improved.
2, production capacity: strengthening feed system, to increase forward speed, improve work efficiency.
3, automatic temperature control: This oil press electronic programmable scientific heating, automatic temperature  oil equipment .
4, automatic oil filter: the use of air suction principle, using vacuum streaming technology, built-in vacuum shunt, Oil, slag effective separation.
5, safe and convenient: compact structure, occupy less space; transmission is fully enclosed protective, operational Safe and convenient.
6, nice: oil press table using the latest materials by electrostatic spray, strong adhesion, resistant to greasy,  oil refinery . Not only beautiful, but also easy to clean, to ensure hygiene.
7, durable: high quality wear-resistant steel castings and fatigue science with stable performance, ensure Oil press can work continuously for a long and durable.


Normally the cake should be flaky

Normally the cake should be flaky, by pressing screw Axis side smooth, the other side has a lot of hair pattern. If the cake loose weakness, or the cake shapeless, darker color, hand pinch Serve fragments, indicating billet Add water too; such as the cake soft, National Cheng Kung University flake,  oil expeller  the oil bubble, then said Minga too much water. Under normal circumstances, no residue or between the rows round rarely Slag, slag in the row at the bar, such as the description of the slag was fine  oil refinery  water, the powder residue indicates less water. In addition, changes in position to see the oil squeezed out of water Is appropriate, when squeezed into the water is too high or too low, the oil positions are backward.


Expand the field of engineering and manufacturing

In order to defuse the risk of reliance on a single customer , Wison Engineering since 2012 began to expand the field of coal chemical engineering and manufacturing , the first half of the year , on the oil business amounted to only 120 million yuan , accounting for only 14% of the current total sales .
Contracting tricky , however, still  oil equipment  Huabang Song departments cooperate with the investigation , so " do not rule out is the majority shareholder with PetroChina Woan person concerned reached under the table deal, thus bypassing the  oil expeller  supervision of listed companies ," there petrochemical Insiders speculate .


oilfield equipment technology and management

" Oilfield Equipment Technology and Management" describes the oil and gas oil , gas , gathering and transportation , water use in the field of major equipment classification, structure , principles , maintenance , troubleshooting , selection , technical, operational , management, etc. , involving centrifugal pumps, reciprocating pumps,  oil expeller  , gear pumps , generators , compressors, furnaces , boilers , boiler accessories and instruments , burners, heat exchangers , oil and other specialty vehicles . "Oilfield Equipment Technical
and Management" brings together a large number of grassroots device management methods and experience , tightly bound to various types of equipment used in oil and gas fields and technical suitability , will combine theory and practice well , reflecting the on-site fitness management ;  oil refinery  , but also on more mature oil and gas field applications of new equipment, new technologies, new processes, new materials have been described .
" Oilfield Equipment Technology and Management" grassroots  major oil field equipment management personnel, technical personnel , trainers, as well as relevant professional colleges and students to read reference.


High-power fiber laser technology

In fact, the profits of imported cars is indeed high, but not the profits of domestic cars Is particularly high. With technology development, production capacity, consumer psychology tends to be rational, plus On the purchase of certain areas, measures to limit the promulgation of domestic car market caused a lot of pressure.
Stand at this point, the state suppressed  oil equipment , but also to establish the domestic car market. Originated in
The early 1960s, laser technology, is the 20th century to work with atomic energy, semiconductors and computers Par four major inventions, laser technology have gone through 50 years of rapid development  oil expeller , its people The development of human society has had a profound impact. In 2012 the State Council officially issued "" Twelve Five "countries Home strategic emerging industry development plan "also involves laser industry.


oil clean fuel processing technology

From the chemical , technological and engineering aspects of in-depth analysis of the key points of processing technologies , the related technology research, development, production of clean gasoline and diesel fuel deep desulfurization technology , high-octane gasoline  oil equipment  technology and the development of new catalysts to reduce FCC gasoline olefin content in the optimization of operating conditions , oil refining desulphurization process research and development of new technologies .
Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering
For oil and gas in storage, transportation and related products and processing of new technology, new technology development and research.
Kinetic Model of oil processing
Through the raw material composition,  oil refinery  , properties and reaction mechanism of in-depth research, conducted during oil processing complex reaction system lumped kinetic model and the kinetic model of molecular -scale research, development model corresponding application software for process parameters optimized.


Alcohol industry overcapacity

Ether and gas physical properties approaching, and the production cost, some unscrupulous traders will be inexpensive dimethyl Ether filling LPG bottles in the mix of sales resulting safety hazards of news and reports has been uncommon. As a new alternative energy, internationally recognized as the ultra-clean fuels, dimethyl ether and more used in China
Fuel, vehicle fuel and industrial fuel, etc., but the related lack of industry standards, and chronic overcapacity Route through the crisis to reproduce, causing new concerns.
With domestic demand for machine for pellets in emerging great esteem, domestic alcohol industry overcapacity phenomenon has become even more serious A direct result of continued rapid growth of investment in previous years, the state for the lack of pre-alcohol plant construction Visibility. Most manufacturers have a good estimate investment prospects, oil expeller  for some companies while building approvals The phenomenon is widespread. Since April 14, 2011, the National Development and Reform Commission issued "on regulating coal chemical Orderly development of industries, "which explicitly approved in the new directory before the introduction of an annual output of prohibited 1,000,000 tons and below coal DME large coal processing and conversion projects.


Under high temperature characteristics of thermoplastics

Is ThermoplasticVulcanizate short, the Chinese name for the dynamically vulcanized thermoplastic elastomer EPDM EPDM dynamically vulcanized or thermoplastic rubber, is highly vulcanized EPDM rubber EPDM particles dispersed in a machine for pellets consisting of polypropylene PP thermoplastic polymer elastomer material. TPV room temperature physical properties and functions similar to thermoset rubber , high temperature performance properties of thermoplastics , can be quickly and economically and easily shape . Dynamically vulcanized EPDM TPV thermoplastic elastomer / rubber vulcanized rubber material by dynamically vulcanized EPDM EPDM rubber in less than 2 oil equipment particles dispersed in the plastic matrix of polypropylene PP , the rubber and plastic characteristics of a good the combined together to obtain comprehensive high -performance elastomer material .